Sheet metal work

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From raw material to the finished component – with SYKATEC precision

Every year we process more than 7,000 metric tons of sheet metal and copper. Our extensive fleet of tools and machinery covers all conceivable requirement profiles. From punching to roller flattening, deburring, bending, and precise corner forming, we’re highly specialized generalists – naturally!

Complex modules

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Module assembly

Mechanical preassembly of complex modules ex factory enables us to offer SYKATEC customers excellent optimization opportunities for their own production systems. We manufacture the individual parts in question and assemble them through to the finished module. In addition to consistent quality and accuracy across a wide range of variants, we also offer 100-percent module testing. Our production lines operate hand in hand – an essential advantage enabling maximum throughput speed.


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Every year we process more than 7,000 metric tons of metal


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Maximum accuracy thanks to state-of-the-art tools and machinery

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