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Punching / nibbling

Our punching processes use the appropriate tools to produce sheet metal parts in all conceivable shapes.

SYKATEC has an extensive catalog of tools that enable it to produce every imaginable shape to suit requirements, using fully automated processes. We’re particularly proud of our efficiency: With four fully automated punching units, we process major orders while keeping throughput time to a minimum.

For special orders and small runs, we also have experienced operators at six semi-automated punching/nibbling units. Our excellent logistics system enables us to produce more than 3.5 million parts every year.

All with our customary SYKATEC precision, of course: With no burrs or scratches, so the parts can be used for special applications like low-inductive busbars.

material thickness: Steel 8 mm


Materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and Makrolon®

Maximum panel size of:
2,500 mm x 1,250 mm (medium format)

Max. material thickness: Steel 8 mm, aluminum 20 mm, Makrolon® 4 mm

From 7,000 metric tons of material we make more than 3.5 million parts – now that’s impressive!

Roller flattening

Developments in mechanical engineering and industry in recent years have been accompanied by stricter tolerance requirements.

Systems must be increasingly efficient, while component shapes must be more and more uniform. That’s why roller flattening is part of the processing sequence for all kinds of sheets.

Our roller flatteners keep thermal deformation and stresses in the material to a minimum before it is processed further. 

metal parts from 0.4 to 4.5 mm


Our roller flattening machines ensure that sheet metal parts from 0.4 to 4.5 mm are even and subject to minimum stresses

Sheet thickness: 0.4 mm – 4.5 mm

Sheet width:  Up to 1,800 mm

Our roller flattening unit consists of nine precision rollers.

Grinding / deburring

Cut edges resulting from the punching process must be deburred to ensure smooth passage through the subsequent processing stages.

This is another area where SYKATEC represents the state of the art with its ultra-modern fleet of machinery.

Naturally, we offer all the standard procedures like grinding and brush deburring.

Thanks to our automated processes, these otherwise time-consuming activities can be performed quickly and economically.

all common metals


We deburr, round, descale, and surface grind a range of metals including aluminum, copper and sheet steel.

Maximum width: 1,000 mm

Maximum thickness: 10 mm

An oscillating deburring process is the perfect lead-in to the subsequent processing stages, ensuring top-quality surfaces.


Plate bending and chamfering brings the parts to be shaped into their final form with the correct functional dimensions.

This involves permanently changing their molecular structure. Only at that point will they reliably maintain their shape.

Precision, an ability to imagine the product in three dimensions, and experience are all of paramount importance.

After bending, the individual parts must fit together perfectly in the assembled module, or to be ready for the next processing stages.

SYKATEC has been bending metal for more than 30 years – using fully automated processes and by hand.

even complex constructions


Thirteen NC-controlled bending units turn your desired 3-D designs into reality

Max. sheet thickness: Steel 8 mm, stainless steel 6 mm, aluminum 12 mm, copper 8 mm

We can bend lengths of up to 3 meters and up to 27 bending edges in a single workpiece. 


Busbars can combine flexibility, durability and quick installation in power transmission.

We manufacture busbars made of aluminium or copper to suit your areas of application and requirements.


Thickness from 1mm to 8mm


We deburr, galvanise, saw, punch and bend busbars according to your specifications.

More about busbars

Corner forming

Almost all components have corners. Corners on workpieces are normally reinforced and sealed by welding. This is a labor and cost-intensive process.

SYKATEC has thought this through and can offer a deep-drawing process that shapes the corners directly.

The resulting corner offers multiple benefits: You get components with minimum distortion and products with visual appeal.

A side benefit is that the corners formed in this way are water-tight. Our innovative technology means we can guarantee corner forming at a lower cost compared to traditional processes.

without welding and grinding


An innovative machine for individually shaped corners with consistent quality. With no welding or grinding, our corner former can create water-tight and visually appealing corners on cover panels in double-quick time

Sheet thickness: 0.8 – 5 mm

Corner radius: 2 – 10 mm

Corner angle: 45 – 150°

We have been using this innovative process for more than ten years and have produced several thousand covers in that time.

Injection elements

Mechanical joining techniques seamlessly connect injection elements with metal sheets, an important component in modern thin sheet processing.

This mechanical joining method involves pressing insert nuts, for example, into holes drilled to accommodate them.

SYKATEC has in-house expertise and tools for all standard injection elements.

all common injection elements in stock


Injection elements like nuts, pins, and bolts

Smooth workflows thanks to fully automated processes

Here at SYKATEC we keep all injection elements available as standard.

Complex modules

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Module assembly

Mechanical preassembly of complex modules ex factory enables us to offer SYKATEC customers excellent optimization opportunities for their own production systems.

We manufacture the individual parts in question and assemble them through to the finished module.

In addition to consistent quality and accuracy across a wide range of variants, we also offer 100-percent module testing.

Our production lines operate hand in hand – an essential advantage enabling maximum throughput speed.

We offer 100% Module mounting testing


  • Offers prepared quickly
  • Support for design-to-cost process
  • Powerful prototyping
  • Procuring pre-assembled components reduces complexity
  • Logistics models to optimize the supply chain

Every year, we deliver more than 20,000 modules to our customers’ production lines with short lead times.

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