Busbars – Our expertise

The use of busbars for power transmission combines flexibility, durability and quick installation in a wide range of applications.
The busbars are manufactured individually according to your specifications and requirements.

Flexible power supply
Busbars from SYKATEC can be flexibly and cost-effectively extended or adapted.
Durable busbar systems
Busbar systems are basically maintenance-free and less susceptible to faults.
Quick installation
The modular prefabrication keeps the installation effort as low as possible.

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Busbar production

Every year, SYKATEC processes more than 7,000 tonnes of copper and sheet metal into individual parts or entire assemblies.
Our extensive range of tools and machinery can cover every conceivable requirement profile.

You would like to…

  • Deburr busbars?
  • Galvanise busbars?
  • Saw busbars?
  • Punch busbars?
  • Bend busbars?


Busbars made of different materials

Different materials are suitable for different requirements and areas of application.
Due to the selection of different materials and our broad manufacturing spectrum, we produce the ideal busbar system for every customer and every requirement.

Thickness from 1mm – 8mm

Aluminium busbars

Busbars made of aluminium have good conductivity and are significantly lighter than busbars made of copper, which simplifies installation.

Coating options for aluminium busbars:

  • Nickel
  • Tin
  • Copper
  • Silver

Copper busbars

Busbars made of copper have excellent
electrotechnical properties.

To guarantee these properties in the long term, the resistance of the connecting contacts must be kept as low as possible. For this purpose, the corresponding contact surfaces are refined.

Coating options for copper busbars:

  • Nickel
  • Tin
  • Silver
  • Electroplating

High availability of copper

Areas of application for busbar systems

From high-voltage DC transmission to switchgear and converters to general industrial applications, busbar systems can be used in numerous fields of application for power transmission, especially in the low-voltage but also in the medium or high-voltage range.

From material to module


Busbar manufacturer – for more than 40 years

As a long-standing busbar supplier for power transmission and industry, we guarantee the highest level of quality.
Furthermore, SYKATEC is not only a conductor rail manufacturer, but also an innovative system partner for metal technology. Our closely networked locations in Erlangen and Sibiu (Romania) are our innovative backbone.



We increase your productivity in administration and production by supplying components instead of individual parts.



Short lead times, change options until shortly before the start of production, late design freeze due to fully digitalised processes.



More than 15% time savings through continuous data landscape, deep value chain and digital manufacturing processes.



Highest quality & reliability through 100% documented manufacturing and experienced employees.