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We believe the customers are the most important people in our day-to-day work. We don’t see them as outsiders but as vital parts of our business. As part of our customer care process we strive at all times to find the best solution for your particular requirements. We start working with you at an early stage, offer advice right at your product’s development stage, and think through the manufacturing process with you.

That’s why we’ll apply all our expertise to help you with your design-to-cost processes – naturally.


We’re problem-solvers with a passion for detail. We have created many individual solutions for our customers in the many years we’ve been in business. Naturally, we use the latest technology for prototyping and can perform a range of simulation and type testing in a short timeframe.

Our rapid working style is unique: If you already have a 3-D model of your project, you’ll get an offer for manufacture within one working day – naturally.

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ISO 9001 – naturally


For us, consistent quality and constantly maintaining productivity are the measure of all things. We naturally hold certification for all the procedures forming part of our services, and we meet Quality Assurance standards in accordance with DIN ISO 9001. We work with you to take your design ideas through to the manufacturing stage, guide you through the process, and provide advice with our expertise, putting our highly specialized employees at your service.

At SYKATEC, you come first. Care of your projects is entrusted to our experienced specialists, who will rapidly plan, manufacture and deliver solutions and efficient products with the confidence that comes with years of experience.


SYKATEC offers its customers the highest standards of industrial logistics. With 6,700 pallet spaces and high-speed access, we’re equipped for just-in-time delivery.

An efficient inventory of all the materials we need, together with our sophisticated supplier management system, makes us an extremely agile partner capable of implementing even large-scale projects in short timeframes.

Every day, our logistics center manages many metric tons of material. That also makes SYKATEC an ideal partner to heavy industry from a logistics perspective

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Thousands of metric tons of material every day

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