Highly complex cutting work

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5-axis cutting

Sykatec has always taken 5-axis cutting further. In addition to sheet metal work and the associated joining technologies, and our own toolmaking activities, the number of cutting jobs has kept on growing.

Our fleet of machines enables us to process complex, multi-dimensional workpieces efficiently and with high precision.

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Perceptible precision


Our 5-axis cutting units can process items measuring up to 630 mm x 630 mm x 630 mm.

For high-speed aluminum processing, e.g. for cooling surfaces, our machines can handle workpieces up to 3,000 x 800 x 720 mm.

We offer all standard procedures, from surface milling to fine milling

The evenness tolerances for fine milling are between 0.02 mm and 0.001 mm.

Perfect surfaces

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Modules with heat management

For module assembly we take the precision-manufactured parts from the machining operation and combine them with highly complex sheet metal bending parts.

For complex physical requirements, e.g. for cooling elements for the power electronics in high-performance rectifiers in rail systems and high-quality industrial motors, we deliver the perfect results thanks to our experience and our all-in-one logistics.

All processing stages at Sykatec


SYKATEC performs all processing stages:

Surface processing, drilling and thread rolling, friction stir welding of cooling elements

With our current processes, the surface area of cooling elements made from standard profiles can be made two to three times larger

Think production as early as the development stage.

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