Joining technologies

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Our expertise

We meet the highest quality standards for all standard joining technologies and can supply a range of certificates. If you need traditional welding, whether manual or machine – spot welding, laser welding, nut welding, stud welding, or riveting, TOX® clinching, and bonding – at SYKATEC you’ll find specialists experienced in all these joining technologies.

Complex modules

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Your products

SYKATEC offers the best combination of procedures and technologies for your components and modules.

Welded modules

We use all standard welding procedures to manufacture precision parts up to 5 m in length.


Bonding modules

Our various bonding and sealing procedures for products guarantee long-term sealing up to IP64, even in outdoor areas.


Riveting modules

We use all standard riveting procedures in the manufacture of our riveted modules.


Naturally, we hold certification for many different sectors.

To the certifications


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Welding, bonding, riveting, TOX® clinching – everything from a single source

Large dimensions

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12 rotary, tilting, and elevating welding tables available for parts up to 5 m long and 2.40 m wide.

Our other expertises